5 Top tips for GCSE students from award winning apprentice

GCSEs are hugely important qualifications that you spend most of your school career preparing for. But how important are they later on in life when you’re choosing your career? For me, my GCSEs were really important in helping me decide what sort of job I wanted. I work as an Apprentice Scientist now at MedImmune…

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Your story through your lens – experience over advice

tell your story through your lens

Careers advice for young people needs a rename and a rebrand.   Leaving education for employment is one of the hardest steps a young person will take. Although a life milestone that every working adult will have taken, the processes, policies and practices are constantly changing. It’s controversial but we are asking that for the…

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Apprenticeships 101

Get Involved with HireHigher

2017 saw the launch of the UK apprenticeship levy, indicating a £2.5billion annual investment by 2019-2020 which is double the investment from 2010-2011. This figure alone is a clear indication that the UK government is taking a stance of improving options and choices for young people through apprenticeships.   Historically, apprenticeships have wrongly been seen…

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