The Rising Star Programme

Rising Star: Connecting the Future today

It's time to do something different when it comes to promoting the data centre and connected IT industries to the next generation.

The Rising Star programme is committed to supporting those in their early careers across the data centre industry.

85% of Datacentre professionals commented that their workplace would be the perfect environment for young and fresh talent, but that there were a number of barriers to entry including employer brand, attraction strategies and retention of trained talent. 

The Rising Star Programme was designed by HireHigher and is underpinned with support by The Data Centre Alliance

The Rising Star programme has been created to help answer 4 key questions:

How do we promote the industry to younger generations & fresh talent?


How do we increase the value attributed to young or fresh talent?

How do we create a sense of community and identity amongst the young people in the data centre and connected IT industries to support retention?

How do we progress conversations of wanting to see change in our industry when it comes to early careers?

How can you get involved?

There are so many ways to get involved with HireHigher, just let us know what stage you are at in your life career and we’ll take it from there:

Pledge your support

To ensure the programme can continue to work to address the issues faced by our industry when it comes to the skills and talent gap, organisations who wish to join the revolution are welcomed to pledge their support for an annual fee.

Our official brochure can be viewed here

Are you or do you know a Rising Star?

With speaking opportunities both to industry peers and to current students we work with those who are new to the industry to help build their wider network and to develop both their personal and professional brand.

Join the active group on LinkedIN today

Be part of the Schools Roadshow

Year 12 students signing up across the country to hear about the opportunities our industry has to offer.. We are welcoming organisations to sponsor these in person and digital events taking place across the country in 2024.

Get involved today.  

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"The Rising Star programme is an opportunity for young people to not only connect with other like minded individuals at a similar stage in their career but to form a force to be reckoned with as we propel our industry forward."

Steve Hone, CEO, Datacentre Alliance 

Are you a Rising Star?

We are calling all those in their early careers within the Datacentre industry to step forward to join the revolution via a dedicated LinkedIn group. 

The Programme will welcome talent just like Laura from across our industry.

A Rising Star within the Data Centre Industry.

We met Laura during DataCentre Transformation 2022, hosted by the Data Centre Alliance and as a current apprentice within the industry there is no one better to tell her story, than her.

Each and every question welcomed.

The Rising Star programme relies on the open minds and arms of the Datacentre industry, so if you have questions no matter how little or large please do reach out.