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Calling all Rising Stars

The Rising Star programme is committed to supporting those in their early careers across the data centre industry.

The Rising Star Programme was designed by HireHigher and is underpinned with support by The Data Centre Alliance.

Standing out doesn't have to be hard - find what works for you

This business is set up for you but can only prosper with you.

There are many books, websites and podcasts that cover “what next” but what they don’t include is real life insight.
Working with a network of students & young professionals from GSCE levels to full time employees via various pathways- This means you hear everything straight from the horse's’ mouth - so to speak!

To start the revolution means we have to announce a call to arms - many students at differing steps on their life ladder have the insight and advice that their peers just behind them desperately crave.

There are many ways to get involved from joining the frontier of guest bloggers, presenters, speakers and of course the question askers - remembering you aren’t expected to know what you don’t know!

If you would like to know about specific subjects, courses, pathways, career roles & everything inbetween we are just waiting to hear from you. If you think you can answer how you got to where you are - and wish you had someone to help you out when making those decisions then, yup, you’ve guessed it we are waiting to hear from you.

82% of students would find it beneficial to connect with young people who are just a few years ahead of them on the life ladder

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No such thing as a question too small or silly when deciding what to do next - so get in touch! As for you young professionals you’ve made the jump from the classroom to the meeting rooms - time to offer a helping hand - want to inspire - get in touch!?