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The student recruitment market is not easy and we say that with first hand experience.

Saying that - we are more that just "recruitment support", we want to change the relationship between employers and educators.

Who knows best about what it is like to hire young people - why of course you do? Who knows best what it is like to take on their first job - why it's your graduates and apprentices of course?

This is where the magic happens.

With  your HireHigher sponsorship, you will of course find a natural emergent pipeline of talent applying to your company - but it's about so much more. Sponsorship with us is a public commitment to changing the face for "options after the classroom". Students you will have the option of connecting with have a better insight of who you are, what you do and what you are looking for. This is more that just recruitment, this is education and exposure.

With some reports indicating that as high as 90% of young people rate social responsibility as a key factor when deciding on employers - the pledge to support HireHigher can also sit hand in hand with your CSR teams too.

With your sponsorship we will work alongside your early careers team in a whole host of ways:

➔    Developmental opportunities to the graduates and apprentices that have joined your organisation.

➔    As part of your early careers or CSR offering, support your new starters into giving back to the community

➔    Members of your graduate or apprenticeship schemes to act as brand ambassadors driving a natural pipeline of talent to future vacancies

➔    Advertise vacancies for direct entry and early careers programmes through a profile on our partners portal

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