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There are so many ways to get involved with HireHigher, just select the option below that most represents you:

GCSE / A Level Students

Undergraduate / Apprentice

Graduate / Qualified Apprentice



GCSE/A Level students

The ladder looks long, and the decisions seem far into the distant. We aren’t here to scare you but to help prepare you.

Giving an insight to what your next steps could look like as you near the end of pure classroom led education - you really do have options!

Join the ranks, ask your questions and participate in the conversations online. This is your forum to learn what you can to make the best decisions for you and your future - whatever that may be!


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Undergraduate student at university or currently an apprentice

In the sandwich of the life career ladder, it’s fair to say you’re the filling - jam, ham or cheese whatever takes your fancy! You have crossed the T’s and dotted the I’s to take the step for post-18 education.

Whilst in the sweet spot of the life career ladder, you are in the optimum position of being able to lend a helping hand to those who need it, whilst reaching for support from those who have recently graduated or qualified. You have the exclusive option of being mentored whilst mentoring.

➔    Participate in workshops at schools/colleges to share your pathway all to to boost your CV credentials and personal brand.

➔    Join our mailing list to find out when employers are running events, open days or applications for their programmes open

➔    Sign up to be supported by a working graduate or qualified apprentice

Helping whilst getting help - for free

Recent graduate or newly qualified apprentice now working

You’ve made the jump, you have successfully leapt from the world of pure academia to working life. But as no doubt you have already realised there is still so much to learn. Whilst you get your head around meetings, emails and quite frankly perfecting the transferable skills that you filled your CV and application forms with, spare a thought for those who are looking to you in absolute awe as they tackle taking the step.

Whilst there will no doubt be training as part of your official new employment - what we can offer you is a refreshment of those softer but vital business skills. All whilst building your personal brand and network as a young professional.

This is your chance to give back and to fill the gaps you know full well exist - you were only there a couple of years ago.

➔    Sign up to mentor current university undergraduates or those studying for their apprenticeship

➔    Participate in workshops for those just below you on the life career ladder, teaching top tips and lifehacks

➔    Build and develop your transferable skills to take back to the workplace

Face the future - all for free!