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We support and salute teachers up and down the nation but believe they have been handed a poisoned chalice when it comes to helping their students with employability, universities, apprenticeships, graduate schemes and all the applying that comes in between.

Delivering a comprehensive careers strategy is now integral to the OFSTED framework, aligning with the increasing adoption of the Gatsby Benchmarks. Fortunately for our educator partners, we excel in leading or complementing their efforts, working closely with teachers and in-house careers advisers to deliver relevant and up-to-date programmes and workstreams.

We are not teachers and do not pretend to be, but we do understand life after the classroom and how difficult that can be for the students of today.

78% of students believe they don't know all the options available to them post GCSEs

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Memberships both students and teachers can benefit from

Our primary goal is to help young people find rewarding career paths in the IT industry, and we recognise that this can be achieved far more quickly and easily if we create programmes that schools and colleges can implement again and again, with or without our support. Essentially, we're creating a formula for repeatable results for decades to come.

Below are some of the ways you and your students can benefit from joining HireHigher.


Off the shelf or tailored workshops for year 11-13 on post-16 life career ladder.


Parents evening speakers


Peer led forums for apprenticeships and university life

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