About us, and what motivates our mission

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What we do here at HireHigher

We shed light on the areas of careers education & early careers that live in the shadows. 

From schools who look to support their students on what may be next for them, to organisations who wish to level up their commitment to diversity within early careers. 

What drives us to do
what we do what we do

We believe that young people entering post-16 education should feel they have choices and options, regardless of their passions and exam results. 

We believe that early careers opportunities are vital to bridging the gap between the world of traditional academia and the leaders of tomorrow.

We believe that revolutionising careers education, guidance and those formative earlys years in the working world is on the horizon and we intend on grabbing it with both hands #StartTheRevolution

About Us


Our founder, Adelle proudly incorporated the business in 2018 from her home in Surrey, United Kingdom. 

But the story starts a long time before then. Scroll back 15 years and Adelle was sat at school unsure of what her next options were, unsure what the outcomes could be and quite frankly unsure why it even mattered. It meant that the next few years felt bumpy, resulted in a retake year, attending university and starting a job - so the phrase “all's well that ends well” springs to mind - but the frustrating truth it didn’t need to be a faff and fumble for her and it most certainly doesn’t now for those embarking on post 16 choices. 

Our founder has spent a over a decade offering that helping hand to those on the steps of the ladder just behind as a “heads up”, throw in some long hours, building a career in marketing, forming an award winning early careers function, spotting that students and young professionals are “still just working it out as they go” and we get to the formation of HireHigher. 

Share the knowledge. Increase the awareness of all options and pathways

We talk to so many young professionals who wish they had known then what they know now… and so with their help we are making that wish a reality for the students of today.

What we do makes a positive difference. For that I can not be prouder of the support we have been able to offer young people.

To change the mindset of options after education is no small task but one we will continue to strive to work towards so that young people can leave the classroom knowing their options.

When you make a positive difference it matters. If you believe the same and in the future of our young people then join our network of HireHelpers and partners today.

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