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What drives us to dowhat we do

HireHigher was founded on three core beliefs:

Adelle DeSouza 2

"I never realised the immense potential of the IT industry until I started working in it, and I now dedicate my professional life to helping young people discover the vast career opportunities that await them in this sector."

Adelle Desouza, Founder of HireHigher


What we're doing to make a realdifference

Finding success in resolving the talent shortage relies on advancing the relationship between students and employers. At HireHigher, we have a range of programmes and initiatives to bring these two groups together.

Watch this video of a recent partner event to see one of the many ways we're bridging the talent gap.


Meet the minds behind the movement

Adelle DeSouza

Adelle Desouza

Steve Hone

Steve Hone

CEO & Founder of The Data Centre Alliance
Mike Meyer

Mike Meyer

Managing Director of Portman Partners
Laura Allwood

Laura Allwood

Rising Star of the Year 2024
Xavier Plowright

Xavier Plowright

Rising Star of the Year 2023


It all started with abump

Our founder, Adelle proudly incorporated the business in 2018 from her home in Surrey.

But the story starts a long time before then. Scroll back 15 years and Adelle was sat at school unsure of what her next options were, unsure what the outcomes could be and quite frankly unsure why it even mattered. It meant that the next few years felt bumpy, resulted in a retake year, attending university and starting a job – so the phrase “all’s well that ends well” springs to mind – but the frustrating truth it didn’t need to be a faff and fumble for her and it most certainly doesn’t now for those embarking on post-16 choices. 

Recognising that young professionals are still just "working it out as they go”, our founder has spent over a decade offering a helping hand to those on the steps of the ladder just behind her, and solving a global talent shortage in the IT industry in the process.

HireHigher was born after Adelle experienced redundancy and took some time to travel.

However, the concept had been brewing for years.

Since leaving the classroom, Adelle frequently returned to her own school as a guest speaker during her university years and worked on York University’s first-ever alumni mentoring programme. Her passion for guiding young people in their next steps features in press coverage and industry presentations dating back to 2013.

Having made progress quickly in the UK, HireHigher spread a little further from home and Adelle began working remotely and with Edtech firms over in Australia to support its efforts in reducing the talent shortage.

The Rising Star Programme launched to formally address the skills shortage specific to the Digital Infrastructure industry.

The first student tours of live datacentres began across London, formalising a schedule of works for college students to see where the internet lives. 

HireHigher has helped hundreds of businesses connect with thousands of students and is beginning its work in Ireland.

Some of our wonderful partners who are making change possible


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