Nathan’s story: From Work experience to apprentice to full time employment


Nathan’s story: From Work experience to apprentice to full time employment

Guest Blogger: Nathan, 20 

Apprenticeship qualification: Business Administration 

Current Job title: Data Protection Intern

Some of you might already know whether you want to take on further education and have your sights set on that. However, if like me and feel University may not be the best way forward for you – that is also great.

I realised that I didn’t want to go to University about half way through Lower Sixth. The main reasons I didn’t want to go to University was because I felt, that for me, it would be a waste of time and money to attend – it really was that simple. As a result I started looking at what other routes I could take to kick start my career after college. What the Government are trying to do by supporting apprenticeships caught my eye and I realised it was the route for me. I took a different pathway compared to most of my friends who ended up going to University, so just because a lot of your friends are going to University doesn’t mean you have to too, pick what works for you. The idea of learning whilst getting paid and getting experience of work was too good an opportunity to pass up on.

When I left College after my A levels, I spent the Summer looking for apprenticeships in a wide range of roles as I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to do.

Much like many of you, my parents were keen for me to do something productive during the summer, and again like many others I was forced to attend an organised work experience at my dad’s office. On the first day I felt like it would have been a waste of my Summer holiday and I didn’t want to be there. However, I realised pretty quick that I was going to be stuck there, so I thought I best make the most of it and see what I could have gotten out of it. At the end of the work experience, we were all offered an email address to contact if we needed anything. Whilst most are likely to have thrown it out – I figured I had nothing to lose by keeping it.

The summer ended and I continued my search for an apprenticeship.

A couple of good websites I used was the Government website  and Positive Outcomes. Whilst I was looking for my first apprenticeship, I left with little qualifications, so I didn’t get many responses straight away which was very demoralising, but you can’t beat yourself up about it.  There is a first job out there you just have to keep going until you stumble upon it and when it does come, you need to make it count and use that first job as the experience you need to launch your career.

After qualifying, I decided to dig out that email address after all, after a few emails back and forth I was asked in for an interview to join the data protection team within the legal function. Luckily enough for me it went well and I have now been working there almost a year, with a huge amount of exposure.

As the saying goes it’s not what you know it’s who you know. If you are able to get some work experience at your Parents’ work or family friends then make that first impression count and prove that you are willing to work then who knows where it could lead to. However, you only get one chance at a good first impression so try not to blow it. It is vitally important that if someone does offer you help and you do get contact details whether it be from work, school, college or family friends use it to your advantage and stay in touch with them. As you never know where one email can land you.

Nathan, has offered his contact details to anyone who would like to ask him any questions – so just let us know and we will put you in touch. If you would like to tell your story to help others let us know


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